Dehydrated Garlic

Dehydrated garlic in sizes starting as a Clove is usually termed as creamy brown cloves. These are used in Pizza and other fast food, snack foods, food service packs, stuffing mixes, pickled products, meat products, sea food products, gravies, canned foods, salad dressing, dips, bottle packs, pet food, rice mixes, soups, potato salad, seasoning, wet and dry salsa, specialty foods, curry powder, bakery topping, gourmet sauces, seasoning and in many other snacks or as ingredients


  • Dehydrated Garlic Cloves
  • Dehydrated Garlic Minced
  • Dehydrated Garlic granules
  • Dehydrated Garlic chopped
  • Dehydrated Garlic Powder