Millets are a group of highly variable small-seeded grasses, widely grown around the world as cereal crops or grains for fodder and human food. Millets are important crops in the semiarid tropics of Asia and Africa, with 97% of millet production in developing countries. The crop is favored due to its productivity and short growing season under dry, high-temperature conditions. The most widely grown millet is pearl millet, which is an important crop in India and parts of Africa. Finger millet, proso millet, and foxtail millet are also important crop species. Millets have been important food staples in human history, particularly in Asia and Africa. They have been in cultivation in East Asia for the last 10,000 years

Its grains can be made into cakes, porridge and sweetmeats. A beer is brewed from the grains by the hill-tribes. The flour is used for puddings. It is a grain of great nutritive value, straw is considered a valuable food for the milk animals.


  • Green millet
  • Yellow millet

General Specification

  • MOISTURE :                          12%
  • PROTEIN   :                            9%
  • FOREIGN MATTER :           1%
  • BROKEN :                               1%
  • ENERGY :                                 300K/CAL
  • AFLATOXIN :                          20PPB MAX
  • SHRUKEN :                            2%